Beauty: Brands I Want To Try In 2019

Hello friends!

Soooo I took an unintentional hiatus (surprise surprise) yet again, but I guess I am back. I was watching Samantha March’s video on 9 brands she wants to try in 2019 and that inspired me to make this blog post on brands that I would like to get something from in 2019 as well.

And those brands are…

Real Talk: Going on a Low-/No-Buy

Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of posting; June’s been a really busy month for me and I am just now starting to feel like I am back to my normal self in terms of handling life and whatnot. I did go on a trip to Toronto with the bf, and shortly after coming back from that trip I went to a sleepover at my friend’s house where we did a clothing swap…and from that I realized that I really need to do something about my spending habits.

Frugality is something I need to re-learn.

Real Talk: May 2018 Recap

Can you believe it is already June? It stopped feeling like summer for me because it has been raining so much this week. I even had to pull out my fuzzy robe again (thought I could store that sucker away, but nope!) because it is just so cold!


Anyway, here are some things that happened in May 2018 🙂

Real Talk: A Short Life Update

I have been thinking about how to write this post for awhile. Chances are that it is going to be weird and difficult to read but we’ll just go with it.

May has been kinda tough for me (glad it is almost over!) and I am very much looking forward to June at the moment because I will be going on vacation towards the end of the month. Nothing too fancy, keeping it local this time around, but I am still really excited.

Click on if you dare

Real Talk: April 2018 Recap

Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. So it is now the end of April and I thought it’d be appropriate to do a recap post for this month, as I don’t really have a lot of favourites to share with you. I don’t usually have new things to share every month because I am a creature of habit and I am also trying not to spend too much money to buy things that I do not necessarily need. And experiences are important too, right?


Spring is finally here!

Beauty: Sephora Spring 2018 Sale

Hello everyone,

As promised in my last post, I will be sharing with you product recommendations for the upcoming sale at Sephora. This will be a mix of my recommendations to you and what I will personally be purchasing from Sephora. I will be including screenshots from the Sephora app since it’s easier to do that for a post like this than to make so many screen-grabs and I hope that this is ok with you guys!

Screen shot 2018-03-31 at 8.37.48 AM


Things: Currently On My Radar

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be sharing with you some things I have been enjoying lately, and some other things that I want to do and to try as well. It’s gonna be a mishmash of stuff that I want to recommend and review, and I will most likely use this as a personal reminders list as well!


Let’s jump on in!