Beauty: Saying Goodbye to an Old Fave


With the arrival of spring, I have totally jumped on the decluttering bandwagon. I have cleared out a lot of my eyeshadow palettes by selling gently used (still new) and brand new items on a beauty buy and sell page (maybe I will blog about this some other time).

I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of this palette. It was a graduation gift to me from a friend, and I have barely used it.

Image - Copy

The original Urban Decay Naked palette (CAD $66) has got to be my favourite among all the Naked palettes that are currently available for purchase. At one point I had all of the palettes, but I would always reach for this one so I got rid of all the other ones (no regrets!). I love warm earthy tones, and this palette really checked all the boxes for what I would consider a really versatile palette. You could spice up your makeup look for a night out on the town by using “Darkhorse” and “Creep” to smoke up your eye look, or use some of the lighter shades for a simple but beautiful everyday look for work or school. Reviews indicate that the Naked 2 palette is more cool toned than the Naked palette, but when I compared the two I didn’t really see a huge difference in the colour temperature of the palettes. Maybe there is something to that however, because I generally gravitate towards tones that are warmer.


If you pick up this palette, be prepared to experience some fall out. The shades are very buttery and smooth and finely milled, which is why this happens, especially with the shimmery shades. You can definitely go in with a light hand and build up the intensity on the eyelid that way.


As much as I love this palette, I probably won’t be picking up a replacement anytime soon because I haven’t reached for the one that I have in a very long time. That being said, it is still one of my all time favourites and I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who is looking into purchasing a palette from Urban Decay.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Let me know if you have this palette and what you think of it!



2 thoughts on “Beauty: Saying Goodbye to an Old Fave”

    1. I have a lot of other palettes that I always reach for over the Naked palette. Maybe down the road I will purchase a new one but for now I gotta try to use up the ones I have. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!

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