Real Talk: Mental Health Week 2017 


Happy Monday everyone! It’s the first day of May (a.k.a. the first REAL day of spring according to my books), and the sun was out too! I finally booked my appointment to get my tires changed and hopefully this nice weather is here to stay. Fingers crossed!

I haven’t mentioned this but I am a volunteer with the Edmonton Mental Health Awareness Committee (EMHAC for short) and we kicked of the week with an event on Sunday called “Pancakes and Promises”. It was our first in a series of events we are going to do for the rest of the year, leading up to our super popular one, the 2017 #YEGSemicolon Mental Health Festival that is going to take place on October 1st, 2017. Mark your calendars guys!

I have always been the quiet, shy kid growing up. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and I kind of had trouble keeping the ones I had. Moving away from the place I grew up in didn’t help my situation, and even as an adult now I still feel like I don’t really know how to come out (and stay out) of my shell. One thing I told myself I’d do more of this year is to volunteer. I am currently volunteering on two different committees (neither of which are related to the other). And I definitely don’t regret my decision although sometimes I feel like I am barely contributing anything to the cause, because the friendships I am building and the lessons I am learning are more valuable than anything I could possibly get from Googling stuff on my computer at home.

These are exciting times! I am looking forward to going to more events in the next few months, both mental health related and otherwise. And the Oilers are still in the playoffs. I didn’t just hop on the bandwagon, I pretty much belly flopped onto it!

Let’s get it!



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